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With friendsgiving around the corner it’s time to start planning

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these pictures speake to me

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That hbo special :)


In a workshop far, far away, artist Tony Larson recreates amazing Star Wars Terrariums complete with Yoda, R2D2, and Ewoks. The tiny living sci-fi worlds are available through his Etsy Store, starting at around $100.00 for each realistic miniature scene

Oh snap I need these!!!

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Mini tour of my new place!!!

Time to say good bye… For now

Empire State of Mind

I have been in New York for 19 days and in a few hours I will be on a plane back home… I can say I’m happy but before I get into that let me talk about my adventures in the city. ( queue Alicia keys ” newwww York “)

This was a business trip naturally I had to work my ass off ( I can’t complain I’m in New York for work). This time around I did get some free time to venture a few times on my own to explore this magnificent city. so I did!

Im currently resided at my coworkers place in Queens with no real mode of transportation to get around. Because city is not walking distance my best mode of transporting was by train.
The Long Island line train was no Hogwarts express but it did the job and took me into penn station located in the city.

I still remember the first time I walk into penn station last year.
“Holy shit this is a fucken zoo” I said to myself when step out of the train into this new world. Let me tell you this world moves 10 times faster that any regular day in Orange County. So many people moving, but moving beautifully with the rhythm of this city. For me as an outsider It was like watching people line dancing and not knowing the dance moves, but with a few wrong turn and following sign I finally was dancing with the city. Today me and penn are close like old friends..

Now what? I have arrived in the city of Manhattan. Funny part if you would have.ask me that question 5 years ago I probably would have had a guide or intenary ready. Today I simply go with the flow an my favorite thing to do when I get to new place is simply get myself lost and that’s exactly what I did….

To continue…..

Dascha Polanco at the Tracy Reese Fashion Show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015

Finished oitnb …

Man I’m hooked … all of the character have so much… It’s very hard to pick who is my top favorite character …

With that said have you guys seen Dascha Polanco… Wow!

And then we rise from moment we fall
The anticipation, you know it’s like um-um-um
Wait for it, wait for the build up
And then let’s do it again
Robyn - let’s do it again…. Currently on repeat… Cause “we do what we want”


A few Friendsgiving Diptychs

Is it weird that I have kinda started planning my Friendsgiving… ( random pics)